“Your kids are teens now, you run your own business, and live life how you want! You must feel so relaxed and free! I could never do that, but I’m jealous you can!”

I’ve heard this sentiment expressed numerous times over the years, and each time, I can’t help but smile wryly to myself. From the outside, it might seem like I’ve effortlessly pulled myself up by my bootstraps. But in reality, it’s far from just me. I’m buoyed by an incredible support system. I’ve sought out mentors through programs like SCORE, and I lean on my husband, who has been my rock for 20 years. On my toughest days, when I’m overwhelmed to the point of tears, contemplating quitting everything, he’s there to remind me that I already have a job—I’m building my dream, and I’m not giving up. My friends inspire me too; watching them navigate their own challenges in business and life reassures me that if they can persevere, so can I. Even my boys, who are now brainstorming their own business ideas, inspire me to demonstrate that it’s possible to be both a business owner and a kind person.

For me, entrepreneurship has never felt optional. Even when I was working 60-hour weeks for someone else, I still found time to offer life coaching, run classes, and practice energy work. It’s deeply ingrained in who I am.

There was a time when I thought I had to set aside all my spiritual and personal development activities to focus solely on my kids and my job. Yet, I would always find myself drawn back to my passions—working long hours for someone else while still finding time to teach or help others. It’s where I find my joy.

When others say they can’t do what I’m doing, they’re right—my path isn’t meant for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean your journey can’t be perfect for you. Life can be demanding, and sometimes, you might have to temporarily put aside things that bring you joy. But remember, there are no set milestones we need to reach at specific times. We each find our own rhythm. You adapt to what works in the moment and keep moving forward.