Professional Cuddling

As a professional cuddler, I create a safe and comforting space where clients can experience the transformative power of human touch. Through gentle hugs, soothing cuddles, and compassionate presence, I provide a non-judgmental environment for individuals to relax, release stress, and connect on a deeper emotional level. Each session is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of my clients, fostering a sense of trust and intimacy that allows them to experience the profound benefits of platonic physical affection. Whether seeking solace, companionship, or simply a moment of peace, I am dedicated to offering support and comfort through the healing art of cuddling.


To care for and to be cared-for, it is our deepest instinct but feels nearly impossible to access in this digitally-saturated modern life. True Self Sanctuary is the place for you to heal and to be healed, to introspect and to create. It is the safe place you need to make your way back towards and around in your identity.

-Esme Celeste


“Had the most relaxing and fun class I’ve ever taken. Lots of laughs and tons of info too. I highly recommend it!”

– J. Fuson