AwareSense Energy Work

In my Awaresense Energy Work sessions, I intuitively weave together a harmonious blend of modalities to guide you on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness and inner peace.

Throughout our time together, we’ll explore:

Chakra Balancing and Reiki: By intuitively clearing blockages and revitalizing your energy centers, we’ll work to restore harmony and vitality within.

Smoke Medicine: I cleanse your energetic space with sacred smoke rituals, utilizing herbs like palo santo to release negativity and invite clarity and purity, guided by intuitive awareness.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy: Enjoy the soothing resonance of tuning forks, harmonizing your energy field and inviting deep relaxation as I intuitively attune to your needs. Through this comprehensive approach, tailored to your unique needs and guided by intuitive insight, you’ll emerge from our session feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and centered.


To care for and to be cared-for, it is our deepest instinct but feels nearly impossible to access in this digitally-saturated modern life. True Self Sanctuary is the place for you to heal and to be healed, to introspect and to create. It is the safe place you need to make your way back towards and around in your identity.

-Esme Celeste


“Had the most relaxing and fun class I’ve ever taken. Lots of laughs and tons of info too. I highly recommend it!”

– J. Fuson