True Self Sanctuary

True Self Sanctuary was born out of a deep-seated desire to create a nurturing space where individuals can embrace their authentic selves and harness their personal power. As someone who studies both science and spirituality, I understand the importance of meeting people where they are on their journey. I wanted to offer opportunities for growth and healing to those who may be skeptical or uncertain, just as I once was. My aim is to provide a sanctuary for individuals to blossom and thrive at their own pace, without judgment or pressure to conform to any specific ideology. Whether navigating the chaos of daily life or exploring the depths of self-discovery, True Self Sanctuary is a refuge for authentic growth and self-love. It’s a place where individuals can embrace their quirks, their neurodiversity, and their imperfections, knowing that they are supported and accepted exactly as they are. My own journey of self-discovery and letting go of old beliefs fuels my commitment to creating a sanctuary where everyone can find solace and acceptance.

Andrea Quarles

Owner & Practitioner

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7985 Vance Drive, Suite 206

Arvada, CO  80003




Monday – Saturday 9AM – 7PM

Sunday 11AM – 7PM