Your place for authentic self-growth. Offering Meditation, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Shadow Work classes. Along with Holistic Life Coaching, Energy Work, and Tarot.


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Why this is the perfect place for you…

True Self Sanctuary, your haven for holistic well-being and personal growth. Nestled at the intersection of Spiritual Wisdom and Scientific Insights, our sanctuary offers a diverse range of services tailored to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Discover a space where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern understanding, empowering you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether you seek clarity through tarot readings, inner peace through meditation, or guidance on your spiritual path, our experienced practitioners are here to support you every step of the way.

Experience the healing power of touch with our professional cuddling sessions, or cultivate mindfulness and connection with our meditation classes. Delve into the mysteries of energy work, explore the art of plant care, or indulge in the creativity of custom seamstress work.

At True Self Sanctuary, we believe in honoring the uniqueness of each individual journey while fostering a sense of community and belonging. Step into our sanctuary and awaken your true self. Your path to wholeness begins here.

Holistic Life Coaching

Are you ready to transform your life from within and without? Our Spiritual Life Coaching takes a holistic approach, blending the concrete and the mystical to help you achieve your goals, find inner peace, and connect with the essence of your being.

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Energy Work

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through our Five Sense Energy Work sessions. Engage your senses to unlock the subtle energies within, promoting harmony and vitality in mind, body, and spirit.




Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you ready to transform your life from within and without? Our Holistic Life Coaching takes a holistic approach, blending the concrete and the mystical to help you achieve your goals, find inner peace, and connect with the essence of your being.

$90 | 60 MIN

Guided Meditation Lessons

Welcome to a journey of inner peace and self-discovery! Our Meditation Lessons offer a diverse range of meditation experiences, akin to a meditation flight. Discover various meditation techniques, explore what resonates with you, and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self.

$20 | 15 – 30 MIN

Empowering Tarot Readings

Are you ready to harness the power of tarot to gain actionable insights and profound reflections? Our gifted reader offers intuitive, thoughtful readings that will deeply resonate with you.

$20 | 15 MIN

$120 | 60 MIN

Soul Realignment Readings

Are you looking for answers about who you are and how to make your life better? Our Soul Realignment readings are like diving into a library of your soul’s stories, and they’re here to help you on your life’s journey. This reading offers practical insights to help you live your best life.

Relationship Akashic Record Reading

Are you curious about the deeper dynamics of your relationships? Our Relationship Akashic Record Reading offers a profound exploration of your connection with a significant person in your life, whether it’s a family member, spouse, or friend. This personalized reading delves into the heart of your shared experiences and the spiritual connection you both hold.

$120 | 60 MINS

Restore Your

Inner Balance


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Action Based Tarot Reading

Experience the transformative power of Tarot through our action-based readings. Gain clarity and insight into your life’s path, empowering you to make informed decisions and manifest your highest potential.

A beautifully vibrant crystal amethyst cut geode sits on a neutral background. Gem stone crystals are deep purple and quartz base. Light reflects off the prisms created by the pointy crystal, commonly used in new age practices and spiritual rituals.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Unleash your true potential with the guidance of our experienced spiritual life coaches. Receive personalized support, practical tools, and spiritual wisdom to navigate life’s challenges and align with your soul’s purpose.

Finding my roots

House Plant Classes

Connect with nature and foster your green thumb with our house plant classes. Learn the art of plant care, cultivation, and propagation, bringing vitality and serenity to your living space.

Space Rentals



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Classroom Rental

Our classroom space is the ideal setting for workshops, classes, and gatherings. With its open layout and ample natural light, it offers a welcoming and comfortable environment for community learning. The room is equipped with versatile seating arrangements and a presentation area, making it suitable for a variety of activities. Whether you’re hosting a spiritual workshop, a holistic wellness class, or any other group event, our Entrance Room provides the perfect space for collaborative growth and exploration.

Energy Work & Healing
Room rental

Step into a realm of holistic healing in our Energy Work and Healing Room. This serene space is designed for energy practitioners, offering a peaceful atmosphere for treatments and sessions. The room features a massage table and soothing ambiance, providing the perfect environment for reiki, shamanic healing, and other energy modalities. If you’re an energy worker looking for a harmonious setting to help your clients find balance and vitality, this room is your sanctuary.

Consultation & Tarot
Room rental

Discover tranquility and focused energy in our Consultation and Tarot Reading Room. This cozy and intimate space is thoughtfully designed for one-on-one sessions, consultations, and private tarot readings. Soft lighting and calming decor create an atmosphere of relaxation and connection. If you’re a practitioner seeking a serene setting to connect with clients or offer spiritual guidance, our Consultation and Tarot Reading Room is the ideal choice.

Professional Cuddling
Room Rental

Our Professional Cuddling Room is a haven of comfort and connection. This room is furnished for professional cuddling sessions, creating a secure and nurturing space for both practitioners and clients. The decor promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being. If you’re a professional cuddler or therapist seeking a safe, soothing environment for your practice, our Cuddling Room is where genuine connections are fostered.

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7985 Vance Drive, Suite 206

Arvada, CO  80003



Monday – Saturday 9AM – 7PM

Sunday 11AM – 7PM